Polaris Snowmobile Big Bore Kit

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Wiseco (SK1289) 84.00mm 2-Stroke Piston Kit for Polaris Snowmobile
Wiseco (SK1289) 84.00mm 2-Stroke Piston Kit for Polaris Snowmobile
Sale Price: $220.46
You save: $116.66 (35%)
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For decades Wiseco has been developing forged snowmobile pistons specifically to meet the needs of snocross and cross-country racing here in the USA. Wiseco is unique because they forge all of their own pistons in house, and produce all of their own forge tooling right here in the USA...


  • 2-stroke kits feature our Pro-Lite pistons that are CNC machined for optimal cam shape and profile for peak horse power and service life; kit comes with top-end gasket kit
  • Dedicated forgings used for superior strength to weight ratio utilizing aerospace alloy
  • High performance ring kit and alloy pin included with each piston kit for extended life and sustained power
  • Each piston is built from race proven designs that are chosen by the top race teams in all forms of racing including snocross
  • High quality parts specifically chosen by Wiseco to match their forged pistons are included in this kit for easy one stop shopping
Wiseco 4914M10483 Piston Kit
Wiseco 4914M10483 Piston Kit
Sale Price: $139.02
You save: $64.04 (32%)
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Wiseco Piston Kit Wiseco leads the performance aftermarket by producing the highest quality forged pistons for Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Outboard Marine and Motorcycles in the. Wiseco is unique because all of the pistons are forged in house...


  • 99.2 millimeter
  • Piston, ring set, wire pin locks, piston pin
  • Forged
  • High compression

Snowmobiles come under several categories.

Entry-level Snowmobile: Entry-level snowmobiles are also frequently called trail designs. These snowmobiles come prepared with engines ranging from 60-70 horse power. The cars are easy to ride and reasonably affordable. They can be equipped with electric beginning and turn around for effortless starting and maneuvering. These snowmobiles are very light and simple to take care of and serve as an economical method to begin snowmobiling. View entry-level models.

Performance Snowmobiles: Performance snowmobiles, like performance vehicles, include a little higher horse power engines. The engines produce 85 horse power and up. These automobiles are slightly heavier than the entry-level vehicles due to engine size differentiation and additional weight connected to suspension systems, shock absorbers and more. These cars are typically geared up with reverse gear and electric beginning. These cars are responsive and performance oriented.

Touring Snowmobiles: Travelling snowmobiles feature a seat setup that is designed for up to two people. The seat setup features a backrest. Exploring models normally consist of side-mounted mirrors, bigger windshields, reverse gear and electric start. These automobiles are bigger and heavier than either performance or entry-level snowmobiles and are made for riding longer distances in comfort. The track size of a touring automobile is greater. The longer track size cushions the trip, adds stability for 2 people and offers a lot more comfort and weight.

Mountain Snowmobiles: Snowmobiles made specifically for mountain riding are much longer and narrower. The auto configuration enables side hilling in mountainous landscapes and riding through heavy particle. The cars additionally have specially made long lug tracks, which enable them to steer through heavy, deep powder conditions. These cars normally have high horsepower engines, given that horse power is lost at higher elevations. The riding attributes of a mountain snowmobile normally lend it to much better handling abilities in mountain riding than on trail riding.

Utility Snowmobile: Utility snowmobiles are common when any work or utilitarian needs are recognized. The cars are much longer, a little larger and heavier than other snowmobiles. They work incredibly well on tracks and heavy snow and come prepared with electric beginning and turn around. They are often made use of to tow work sleds or toboggans.

Snowmobile clothing, helmets and accessories ought to be bought from reputable snowmobile providers. The following snow-friendly clothes is advised: bibs (pants that extend up your chest and back), jackets, gloves, boots and helmets. Snowmobile clothes is available in all shapes and sizes. Snowmobile dealers offer a complete line of garments that is especially created and manufactured to keep you warm and resist winter season.

When beginning to snowmobile for the first time, there are numerous factors. If you will be taking a biker with you frequently, then you might consider a two-person snowmobile so that you could travel comfortably with a biker friend. If you plan to snowmobile by yourself, a standard snowmobile with mid-range power must provide the very best quality ride. Individuals that ride in the mountainous regions of North America should purchase a sled particularly created for mountain riding.

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RKTek, www.2strokeheads.com just sent this 827 big bore kit for the Rev! Perfect timing as well as I just seized up the top end! Keep an eye out - I'll be in...

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